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    The very name BMW exudes luxury, class, and style. If you want one of your own but don’t want to leave your wallet empty, then go to Globul Enterprises in Las Vegas. Discover the used BMW you’ll drive with pride, either online or at our Las Vegas dealership.

    What BMW Will You Drive Away With?

    A BMW car is more than just its name. It might be part of a series or category of cars. For example, Globul Enterprises in Las Vegas often carries BMW:

    • 5 Series: This is a sedan series that demonstrates all that BMW is known for. It is beautiful, luxurious, powerful, and speedy.
    • 6 Series: Any car from this series is comfortable and safe, while also offering various engine and drive options.
    • 7 Series: This series is among the best the brand has to offer. For example, it offers quality technology and safety features.
    • 3 Series: The 3 Series is known for its quality engine performance, beautiful look, and spacious appearance.
    • X5: This SUV model is midsize and luxurious. It lends for a comfortable ride and generous space to stretch your legs.
    • X5 M: If you enjoy a sports car that exudes luxury, this is the perfect model for you. You can enjoy both great performance and style.
    • Z4: This can be the ultimate two-seat car for your needs. If you love luxury and power in one package, this is the car for you.
    • X1: Another luxury SUV model, this allows for quality rides with comfortable interiors and safety features galore.

    Unsure which model is right for you? Our knowledgeable salespeople can help you decide on a used BMW car that fits your needs.

    Discover Quality BMWs in Las Vegas

    Discover our used BMW for sale in Las Vegas online to see what you might like. Please call us at (702) 409-3000 if you have questions, or visit us if you want to see a car for yourself. We’re here for you, no matter what you want to do.

    Frequently Asked Questions About BMW

    Is it expensive to maintain a BMW?

    The question has probably crossed your mind at least once, especially if you’re considering the purchase of one of these luxurious cars. It’s essential to understand that owning a premium vehicle like a BMW comes with certain expectations and responsibilities, including higher maintenance costs than some other vehicles on the market.

    But don’t worry! In this section, we will explore BMW maintenance costs in depth and help you decide if it’s more luxury or necessity for you.

    As an automotive journalist who enjoys all things related to high-performance machines, I can tell you that maintaining any car is vital for its longevity and performance. With BMWs being synonymous with top-notch engineering, quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship, their upkeep requires specialized knowledge from trained professionals. This expertise often translates into slightly higher service charges compared to non-luxury brands.

    However, what sets BMW apart is the value for money they offer; their maintenance plans are designed to provide peace of mind by covering most services within specified mileage limits – allowing you to enjoy every mile driven without worrying about unexpected repair bills.

    BMW owners often see themselves as part of an exclusive community where driving pleasure meets sophistication – after all, there’s a reason why they’re called ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’ So while keeping up with regular servicing might require digging deeper into your pockets than you would have initially anticipated, remember that taking care of your prized possession allows it not only to perform optimally but also ensures it remains reliable throughout its lifespan.

    Luxury vs. necessity – when discussing BMW maintenance costs – ultimately depends on how much importance you place on experiencing sheer driving joy wrapped in elegance and cutting-edge technology every time you hit the road.

    Are BMWs Worth The Money?

    Ah, BMW – the coveted German automaker that has captured the hearts and wallets of countless drivers worldwide. But is owning one truly worth it? Let’s hit the open road to uncover whether these beauties live up to their price tags.

    First things first: let’s talk about reliability. While some critics might argue about BMW reliability being a bit hit or miss in certain models, others would counter with the undeniable fact that they consistently manufacture high-quality vehicles built for performance and longevity.

    When you’re behind the wheel of a Bimmer, there’s no denying its power as you effortlessly glide down winding roads and highways alike. But what really sets them apart are those luxury features we all crave!

    Here are three top reasons why people choose to invest in a BMW:


    With powerful engines varying from turbocharged four-cylinders to V8s, these machines pack quite a punch on the asphalt.

    Tech & Safety Features

    Cutting-edge technology such as heads-up displays, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and sleek infotainment systems make every drive not only convenient but enjoyable too!

    Comfort & Elegance

    The luxurious interiors of BMW cars offer drivers unparalleled comfort even during long rides while impressing passengers with their opulence.

    As we pull into our destination after this thrilling ride through Beemer country, I’d like to leave you with this thought: Owning a BMW isn’t just about having an incredibly well-engineered car; it’s also about becoming part of something greater than yourself – joining a passionate community of fellow enthusiasts who share your love for these masterpieces on wheels.

    So next time you find yourself dreaming about getting behind the wheel of your very own Ultimate Driving Machine®, remember this journey we took together and ask yourself if it’s worth it – because chances are, it most definitely is!

    How Long Will a BMW Car Last?

    Diving deeper into the world of BMWs, one might wonder just how long these luxury vehicles can endure the test of time. After all, investing in a high-end automobile should come with expectations for exceptional performance and reliability.

    So let’s shift gears and explore BMW longevity and what you can expect in terms of lifetime mileage.

    BMW has earned a reputation for crafting well-engineered cars that are both fun to drive and reliable on the road. While every car’s lifespan is influenced by various factors such as maintenance habits, driving conditions, and overall care, it’s not uncommon for BMW owners to enjoy their rides well past the 200,000-mile mark. In fact, some even make it beyond 300,000 miles with proper care!

    A key component to achieving this impressive lifetime mileage lies within regular servicing at recommended intervals – adhering to these guidelines will help ensure your beloved Beamer remains in peak condition throughout its life.

    It’s important to note that while many BMW models boast remarkable endurance capabilities when properly maintained, individual experiences may vary depending on numerous aspects unique to each owner. Nevertheless, taking pride in owning a vehicle from an automaker known for its commitment to excellence is something special indeed.

    As you cruise down the open road behind the wheel of your ultimate driving machine, relish in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a brand whose legacy is built upon delivering extraordinary performance without compromising on durability or longevity.

    Why Do People Buy BMW?

    It’s not just a car, it’s a statement. When you see someone driving a BMW, there’s an undeniable aura of success and sophistication that surrounds them.

    But what exactly motivates people to choose the Bavarian Motor Works over other automotive brands? Let’s explore some compelling reasons behind this phenomenon.

    The heart-pounding exhilaration of driving performance is undoubtedly one reason why many opt for a BMW. These vehicles are engineered to provide thrilling acceleration, razor-sharp handling, and exceptional responsiveness on every twist and turn of the road.

    Add luxurious interiors into the mix – plush leather seats, elegant wood trims, and state-of-the-art infotainment systems – and it becomes clear that BMWs offer drivers an unmatched combination of comfort and excitement. This fusion of power under the hood with opulence inside makes traversing city streets or cruising down highways in a BMW feel like an indulgent experience.

    Yet another factor contributing to their popularity is the prestige associated with owning such fine automobiles. For many individuals, driving a vehicle bearing that iconic emblem serves as an outward expression of personal achievement; they’ve climbed society’s ladder high enough to be able to afford something truly special.

    Additionally, advanced technology abounds throughout these machines: from cutting-edge driver assistance features ensuring utmost safety on all journeys, to impressive fuel efficiency resulting from innovative engineering choices made by its designers.

    By offering top-tier performance without compromising on luxury or technological prowess, BMW has successfully carved out a niche amongst discerning motorists who seek nothing but excellence when investing in their four-wheeled companions.

    Are BMWs Fuel Efficient?

    You might be wondering if those sleek and stylish BMW vehicles are also easy on your wallet when it comes to fuel consumption. Well, you’re in luck! Not only do they look good on the road, but BMW has made great strides in recent years to improve their fuel efficiency across various models.

    Let’s dive into a fuel efficiency comparison of some popular offerings from this German automaker.

    BMW 3 Series

    This classic sedan now boasts impressive fuel economy numbers, especially with its latest generation featuring mild-hybrid technology. The 320i model achieves an estimated combined city/highway rating of 30 mpg.

    BMW i3

    As one of the brand’s electric-only offerings, the i3 provides an eco-friendly driving experience with zero tailpipe emissions while still delivering that satisfying BMW performance we all know and love.

    BMW hybrid models

    For those seeking a blend of traditional gasoline power alongside innovative electric propulsion, BMW offers plug-in hybrids such as the 330e (averaging around 75 MPGe) and X5 xDrive45e (around 50 MPGe).

    Now let’s address that subconscious desire for belonging by choosing a car that not only showcases our style but also aligns with our values. Opting for a more environmentally friendly vehicle like one of these efficient BMW options is a perfect way to achieve just that – without sacrificing performance or luxury features along the way.

    So go ahead, slide behind the wheel of your favorite energy-saving Beemer knowing you’ve made a smart choice for both yourself and Mother Earth.

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