Why the BMW 7 Series Stands Out: Discover Its Excellence

Posted Monday, Oct 09, 2023

Do you want to buy a luxury and sleek car? Wondering which one to invest in? Then we'd recommend the BMW 7 Series. Compared to its counterparts like the S-Class From Mercedes or the luxury A8 from Audi, the BMW 7 Series is hands down the best luxury car in the market. Wondering what makes it so great? Read on to find out.


BMW 7 Series - What Makes it Simply the Best on the Market?

If we were to describe the new BMW 7 Series in a tagline, we'd say, 'It is designed for performance and built to envy.' And that is not an overstatement. Let's delve in to learn about the features that the new BMW 7 Series has that edges out its competition:

Futuristic Look and Design

The latest BMW 7 Series builds upon its heritage while embracing a contemporary and futuristic design philosophy. Its front end boasts a refined and sleek appearance. The car features slim LED headlights that truly add to its modern and elegant vibe. The slim design of these lights adds a sense of sophistication to the front fascia of the new BMW 7 Series model while providing excellent energy efficiency. These lights are further accentuated by its signature kidney grille design. Overall, the modern aesthetics of this car translate seamlessly through the rear taillights- showcasing class, charisma, and luxury at its best.

Advanced Powertrain

The BMW 7 Series offers a selection of three distinctive powertrain choices. The most noteworthy among these options is the all-electric i7 model, featuring a state-of-the-art electric engine that represents the future of the 7 Series.

The additional powertrain alternatives include:

  • The standard BMW 760i incorporates a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine
  • The BMW xDrive760i takes a step up with a 4.4-liter V8 engine

This upgrade delivers a well-balanced combination of power, efficiency, and smoothness, contributing to the vehicle's overall performance and driving experience while aligning with the luxury and performance expectations associated with the BMW 7 Series.

High-End BMW Control Center

The BMW 7 Series is highlighted by curved and large dual display screens extending from the driver's side of the cockpit to the center console. One is a 12.3-inch display dedicated to driving controls, which includes information like adaptive cruise control speed, speed limits, turn-by-turn navigation directions (including a visual representation of exit lanes), incoming phone call details (for those who prefer not to use hand gestures), and real-time vehicle status updates.

The other is an even larger 14.9-inch display located on the center console. This enhanced head-up display (HUD) now offers a full-color experience with a 75% larger projection area than its predecessors. The HUD is a standard feature on the V8 750i model and is available as an option on the six-cylinder variant.

It offers a visually immersive experience, providing an extensive and continuous display that enhances the interior aesthetics of the new BMW Series 7 car- unlike anything you have seen before. More importantly, both screens are connected to the same infotainment system that allows you to seamlessly view essential information without looking across at the other screen or shifting your gaze. Indeed, it enhances the driver's convenience and minimizes distractions.

Furthermore, such a comprehensive and visually striking control center gives the interior of the BMW 7 Series a distinctly modern and technologically advanced look. The large and high-resolution displays truly contribute to a sense of luxury and elegance.

8-Speed Steptronic Transmission

The 8-speed Steptronic transmission establishes new comfort and dynamic performance standards, pivotal in BMW's 'Efficient-Dynamics' approach. It stands out due to its exceptionally fine gear ratios, ensuring optimal power delivery at all speeds. This finely tuned gearing not only leads to significant reductions in fuel consumption but also enhances the driving experience, delivering a heightened sense of sportiness and dynamic performance.

Moreover, this transmission system effectively lowers engine revs, particularly at higher speeds, reducing fuel consumption and diminishing engine noise. Even when shifting into manual mode, the converter clutch maintains smooth gear transitions, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

The transmission incorporates integrated functions attuned to factors such as predictive drivetrain behavior, constant monitoring of the vehicle's dynamics, and real-time traffic conditions. These elements profoundly influence the transmission's gear-shifting patterns. Irrespective of the current driving mode, the system consistently selects the most appropriate gear for the driving situation.

Additionally, the transmission control unit is in sync with the navigation system, allowing it to adapt based on the chosen route, switching between a more spirited and responsive setting (SPORT mode) or a more relaxed setting with fewer gear shifts (COMFORT mode).

Innovative Energy Management

BMW Series 7 focuses on energy management and fuel efficiency. This is evident from its features, including the automatic start/stop function, brake energy regeneration, and electric power steering. These integrated technologies collaborate harmoniously to guarantee eco-friendly mobility and optimal efficiency. For example:

The automatic start/stop feature conserves fuel by only activating the engine when the vehicle is in motion. When the car momentarily halts, such as at traffic signals or during stop-and-go traffic, this function intelligently turns off the engine as soon as the driver fully applies the brakes and comes to a complete stop. This action results in a noteworthy reduction in fuel consumption, potentially saving up to 6%.

Likewise, the Brake Energy Regeneration (BER)captures the kinetic energy produced when the driver brakes or releases the accelerator pedal and converts it into electrical energy. This electrical energy is subsequently utilized to recharge the vehicle's battery. This smart energy management system eliminates the need for the alternator to operate continuously, lessening the load on the generator. The outcome is twofold: a decrease in fuel consumption and an enhancement in propulsion power.

Wrapping Up What We Think About the BMW Series 7

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